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When Coming Bring the Following


Appointment Slip
Appointment Details
Appointment Tracking No.:
Appointment Request Date: 2023-09-25 10:03:52
Appointment Date: 2023-09-26 09:00 AM
Appointment for: Passport
Center Address:
Center Phone Number:
Personal & Contact Details
Application ID:
Application Reference ID:
Kindly bring the following requirements on your date of appointment:
A copy of National Identification Number (NIN) slip. Please note your NIN
MUST be validated before passport processing.
Completed passport application form.
2 passport sized photographs (passport photographs endorsed at the back by
the Guarantor)
Completed Guarantor’s form duly signed by a Commissioner for Oaths
attached with Photocopy of Data page of Guarantor’s Nigerian e-Passport and
one passport sized photograph of the Guarantor
Evidence of Nigerian citizenship of parent(s) (for minors)
Birth certificate (certificate must be issued by the National Population
Commission for minors born within Nigeria) (for minors)
Marriage certificate, where applicable
Letter of consent from either parent (for minors)
Letter of identification from Local Government/State of origin or residence or
National Identity Card OR Letter of introduction for employees of government
as a Nigerian citizen stating Service Number, Length of Service and
Designation/Rank. The letter must be accompanied with a valid staff identity
card. (for adults and seniors)
Birth Certificate (certificate issued by the National Population Commission
shall be required from applicants whose date of birth is with effect from
December 1992) or Age Declaration attached with one passport-sized
photograph and duly endorsed by a Commissioner for Oaths (for adults and
Evidence of Payment
If validity is more than six (6) Months, Applicant(s) should state reason(s) (for
unexpired passports)
Evidence of Maiden Name (for unexpired, married, divorced, and widowed
Application Letter (for re-issues)
Photocopy of Data Page of Passport (for re-issues)
Extract of Police Report of Lost Passport (for lost passports)
In case of loss due to a fire outbreak, a Fire Service Report is mandatory (for
lost passports)
Damaged Passport Booklet (for damaged passports)
Photocopies of Data Page (for damaged passports)
Sworn Affidavit from a Magistrate or High Court of damaged passport deposed
by applicant (for damaged passports)
Declaration of Divorce (for divorced passports)
In case of Re-marriage, Certificate of Marriage with Current Spouse (for
divorced and widowed passports)
Certificate of Death of spouse from National Population Commission (NPC)
Evidence of Maiden Name (for widowed passports)
Sworn Affidavit from a Magistrate or High Court of Change of Name deposed
by Applicant (for married, divorced, and widowed passports)
Copy of Newspaper Publication of Change of Name (21 days after publication)
(for married, divorced, and widowed passports)
Statutory evidence of change of name (if resident outside Nigeria in lieu of iii
and iv) (for married, divorced, and widowed passports)
Applicants will ONLY be attended to at their appointment time.

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