Fri. Sep 29th, 2023
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Is it time to hold Sam Larry accountable for the relentless bullying Mohbad endured during his lifetime?

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Our hearts ache over the recent loss of a remarkable talent and beloved figure in the Nigerian music community, Ilerioluwa Oladimeji Aloba, fondly known as Mohbad. Mohbad’s passing has left a void in our hearts, and we are now confronted with distressing evidence of online bullying that he endured during his lifetime. Additionally, concerns have arisen surrounding the circumstances of his passing, with some suspicions related to the actions of Sam Larry.

While Mohbad was alive, he faced relentless online bullying, including derogatory comments, threats, and defamation, largely attributed to an individual named Sam Larry. This harassment not only affected him but also took a toll on his fans and loved ones. Now, in the aftermath of his tragic departure, new evidence has come to light that raises questions about his passing. It’s crucial that we address both the bullying he endured during his life and the recent developments surrounding his death.

We Call Upon the Nigerian Authorities to:

  • Initiate a compassionate and thorough investigation into the online bullying that Mohbad endured while he was alive, with a focus on identifying and holding accountable Sam Larry and any others responsible for these hurtful acts. Invite Sam larry for questioning.
  • Examine the recently surfaced evidence regarding Mohbad’s passing, in response to concerns raised by his fans and the public.
  • Ensure that these investigations are conducted impartially and transparently, so that the truth may prevail and justice may be served.

Online bullying is a pervasive issue that affects individuals profoundly. Mohbad’s memory deserves respect and honor, both for the music he shared with us and as a person who faced undue harassment during his lifetime. By endorsing this petition, we unite in our commitment to ending online bullying and to seeking justice for those who have been affected, even after their passing. Let us stand together to remember Mohbad’s music, his spirit, and his contribution to our lives.

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