Fri. Sep 29th, 2023
(Last Updated On: May 22, 2023)

Kaduna State Governor, Nasir El-Rufai has accused his predecessors of allegedly stealing billions of naira from the state coffers to build mansions in Dubai, the United Arab Emirates.


He challenged them to come and swear publicly with Holy Qur’an if they did not siphon public funds during their administrations.


El-Rufai made the revelation on his valedictory media chat at the weekend in Kaduna.


“Where did they get money to build those mansions? What type of business were they doing? We know,” El-Rufai queried.


He commended himself for the achievements he recorded in the state, adding that they outweighed what his predecessors offered the Kaduna residents.


He said, “I am happy with what we have seen. The work we have started and the quality of the work, we are going to spend years enjoying them.


“It is not the type of roads they did in the past that, after two rainy seasons, the roads will spoil. These works we are doing, we are doing them with quality.


“I’m happy with what I have seen, but there is still more to be done because, to us, we want people to enter Kaduna and see no untarred road anywhere.


“We want to see tarred roads in every community of Kaduna with solar street lights, same for Kafanchan, Zaria, and our local government areas.


“That was our wish, but the difficult circumstance our government met, we couldn’t do everything we planned to do, until we had to borrow before we could do what we did.


“Our plans and antecedents are not like that. Our own understanding is that leadership is a trust from God and to you will stand in front of God to give an account.


“As a result of that, every naira and kobo that we got, whether revenue or allocation from Abuja or loan, I swear by God, we have used it for the development of our people. We didn’t take and put (it) in our pockets or take them to buy houses in Dubai, we don’t need that.”

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