Fri. Sep 29th, 2023
(Last Updated On: May 19, 2023) search engine understands that a fire outbreak has occurred at the office of the Federal Capital Territory Administration.

Reports say that the fire began at about 8pm on Thursday evening, at the ICT section of the FCTA complex, triggering the fire alarm, and sending staff who were still within the office complex, into panic.


The FCT Federal Fire Service arrived at the scene and were eventually able to put out the fire at about 8:35 pm, after the fire had caused substantial damage to the ICT section of the Administration’s office.


Meanwhile, the Director General of the FCT Emergency Management Agency, Abass Idriss, while confirming the incident, told our correspondent, that investigations were still ongoing to determine the cause of the fire, but that officials suspected an electric power surge, while he added that there were no casualties or any cases of injuries resulting from the incident.

“Yes, the fire began at 8pm, and was put out immediately. There was no loss of life, no injuries, and nobody was hurt. The cause of the incident is still under investigation, but we are suspecting an electrical surge”.


However, the Head of Operations of the FCT Fire Service, Amiola Adebayo, confirmed that the incident was indeed caused by an electrical power surge at the ICT section of the building and that officers of the Fire Service had succeeded in putting out the fire.

“The fire is not much, it is already under control, it was a little spark, and we have put it out. It was caused by an electric power surge, but we have put it out already,” he said.

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